LED RGB Tape Light Controller

LED Tape

This sleek glass panel design Touch Panel Controller is our new high-end user-friendly controller. Adopting high precision capacitance touch control chip, this controller is easy to use and quickly allows you to get to you desired setting.

  • Supply Voltage: DC12~24V
  • Output: 3 channels
  • Connection Mode: common anode
  • External Dimension: L86 ? W86 ? H36 mm
  • Static Power: 1W
  • Output Current: 4A( each channel )
  • Output Power: 12V 144W,24V 288W
LED Tape

  • 1 Output B
  • 2 Output G
  • 3 Output R
  • 4 Output VCC
  • 5 Power VCC
  • 6 Power GND
           Marine LED Tape Light

Works with our
LED Tape Light